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We are a real estate development and urban design firm focused on complex ground floor leasing + activation projects. Our approach embraces a local-first mentality that is steeped in the context of the places and spaces we work.

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Angela x Corey x Drew

We are going to do better work in 2020 than ever before. I know this. And I know this largely because of the three hires we made at the end of 2019. Angela, Corey and Drew each add something to the GSP team we just haven’t had before. Angela We’ve worked with Angela for many [...]

Jesse on Breaking Ground

Our very own Jesse Baerkahn was recently featured on the podcast, "Breaking Ground," with Bernkopf Goodman. "Jesse Baerkahn is an expert in urban planning and placemaking. He’s been called a “city maker” by one publication for his company’s work which focuses on meaningful ground-floor programming. Most notably, he was one of the visionaries behind the revitalization of [...]

Still Blogging, Still Hiring

I spent some time yesterday reading some of my blog posts of the past ten years regarding Graffito (and CityRetail) for inspiration and context as we think about where we are headed as a company today, which has been front of mind for me of late as we get ready to post three job openings [...]

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