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Sick of Us Yet?

If not, there are several ways to find out what’s going on in our world and beyond…

The blog contains articles and posts written by the Graffito team, past, and present. Here you’ll find news, updates, and information (usually) pertinent to our colleagues and clients. Click around and you’ll learn more about us and our thoughts.

And, our self-award winning podcast features various Friends of Graffito who make up our business community. These guests tell their stories, share new perspectives, and humor us while we try to have a few laughs along the way.

So whether you like to read or listen, we got you covered! Check out the most recent Graffito blog posts and podcasts below and be sure to “view all” for more.


Our Podcast

Hosted by our very own Drew Katz, the Graffito Podcast is sure to provide some food for thought on a variety of interesting topics.



Our Blog

Our ramblings, observations, thoughts, and occasional food crawls.