Triangle Co

Triangle Co


Triangle Co designs, launches, and operates cafés for corporations in Boston, DC, and New York City. Ottavio Siani founded Triangle Co in 2014 after working for MA-based Root Capital, a non-profit lending institution focusing primarily on coffee producers in Latin America, Africa and Asia. His goal was to connect the dots between the incredible impact that coffee has on its producers and cafes have on their communities. To this day, the potential for social and environmental impact abroad and at home inspires Triangle Co’s work on a day-to-day basis.


Ottavio approached the Graffito ID team to rebrand Triangle Coffee, which we renamed Triangle Co to allow for more flexibility in terms of future offerings. While coffee is the star, Triangle Co will not just be about coffee moving forward. After the name was established, we created a logo that is more modern and styled to match the look and feel of the Triangle Coffee Bars. We also designed a new website and created signage for at least three new locations in the Boston area.