SZN3 EP5: Hook + Line Friends and Family

SZN3 EP5: Hook + Line Friends and Family

No one has ever been bold (or dumb) enough to record a podcast live from a Friends and Family event. At least, no one that we know of. But after being invited back by Tom Schlesinger-Guidelli, owner of Hook + Line restaurant (Now Open!), to document the event, we decided that it was time for someone to finally try. For those that don’t know, a Friends and Family event is a mock service that occurs before a restaurant opens to the public. It’s a way to celebrate and thank the many individuals that were a part of the restaurant’s creation, but also a chance for the staff to conduct a full service while surrounded by people that are supportive and forgiving. Once again, Drew and Jesse took their show on the road to record the event and find out what it’s all about. We had tons of great guests stop by to talk to us on our open mic, including many of Tom’s friends, vendors, and staff.

Also on this episode, Drew orders a hanger steak from a seafood restaurant, Brooke fact checks and confirms that Mormons can eat fish, Jesse criticizes the cocktail menu, and Tom defends his cocktail menu. All of that and SO MUCH MORE on this episode of The Graffito Podcast. #TGYP

Special thanks to our sponsors, Hook + Line and Cash For Your Warhol!

Guest Appearances:
Introduction with Tom – 0:0:36
Branding Talk with Brooke Porter, Graffito – 0:21:05
Sarah Clasby, Friend & Industry Alum – 0:41:20
Beth Cannon, Friend & Industry Alum  –  1:06:12
Steve Riley, MS Walker – 1:21:50
Chris Mearn, District Real Estate Advisors & Matt Curtin, Newmark – 1:35:19
Mark Cina, Hook + Line Executive Chef – 1:49:39
Wrapping Up With Tom – 2:00:16

Don’t forget to send along questions to or tweet @graffitopodcast. Thanks for listening and goodbye for now!

Host: Drew Katz
Co-Host: Jesse Baerkahn
Music: A Memory of 1995 by Glitch

Season 3 Episode 5


Our temporary podcast studio...The Private Dining Room at Hook + Line.
Jesse and Drew's recording setup

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