SZN3 EP3: Tom Schlesinger-Guidelli (Again)

SZN3 EP3: Tom Schlesinger-Guidelli (Again)

On this episode of The Graffito Podcast, Drew and Jesse take the show on the road to record on location, for reasons unknown to anyone, including our hosts. They visit the future home of Hook + Line, a restaurant that will open later this year by Tom Schlesinger-Guidelli. In addition to getting an update on the restaurant’s progress, the gang dives into the complicated Liquor License process in Boston. Then, Drew shares his latest restaurant gripes, which are received with mixed reviews. Also on this episode, Drew changed his name, Jesse changed his name, and Tom’s name has too many characters to travel internationally.

Special thanks to our sponsor, Sally Sebring’s Seashore Shack and Shop!

⁠Don’t forget to send along questions to or tweet @graffitopodcast. Thanks for listening and goodbye for now!

Host: Drew Katz
Co-Host: Jesse Baerkahn
Music: I Can’t Stop by Punch Deck

Season 3 Episode 3


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