Podcast Topic: Retail

SZN2 EP8: Janelle Nanos

In our conversation with Boston Globe reporter, Janelle Nanos, we talked about a local company using a restaurant for office space, why people are rethinking their careers post-pandemic, a new adult playground in Natick called Level99, and the recent consumption boom.

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SZN2 EP6: Michelle Wu

Michelle Wu, City Council Member and Candidate for Mayor of Boston, interrupted her busy schedule to join Drew and Jesse to discuss what she’s learning while on the campaign trail, why she has a special connection to the restaurant industry, and how she hopes to transform the Boston Planning and Development Agency.

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SZN2 EP3: Christine Marcus

In this episode, we discuss with Christine Marcus, Co-Founder and CEO of Alchemista, how the office lunch culture has changed, and where it’s heading. We also learn how a discovery she made before the pandemic started saved her business and perhaps set her up for a more prosperous and exciting future.

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SZN1 EP4: Harsfield / Ron

In this episode of The Graffito Podcast, we invited two respected Boston landlords to give us their perspective. Leah Harsfield from National Development and Noam Ron from Hudson Group give their side of the story and don’t hold back in the process.

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