Podcast Topic: Bonus

SZN2 EP10: End Quote

Drew and Jesse are joined by Graffito’s newest team member, Melissa Castro, as they wrap up Season 2 of the podcast. What better way to end things than with a game? Drew quotes our nine guests and Jesse has to guess which one said it.

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For this bonus episode of The Graffito Podcast, Drew passes the hosting duties to his colleague Gustavo, who is joined by Corey and Brooke for a discussion about Graffito’s efforts to build a more anti-racist business and better understand issues of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

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SZN1 EP1/2: Regurgitating Live From Boston

In our first published podcast, Drew and Jesse test the equipment. They discuss their vision for the Podcast. Drew warns Jesse not to screw up. And Jesse uses the term "regurgitate" while teasing his next client update, which seems to displease Drew. New full episode next Wednesday! Music: Ride The Waves by Ahjay Stelino   [...]
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