SZN1 EP1: Chang / DeCoster / The Smiths

SZN1 EP1: Chang / DeCoster / The Smiths

Our first official episode, which focuses on restaurants, is packed with interviews. Tracy Chang of Pagu explains why she might not open her dining room this winter, Nolan DeCoster from Toast talks about a collaboration with Kendall Square businesses, and Thistle & Leek’s Kate and Trevor Smith explain why they chose to open their restaurant despite the pandemic. All of this and more on Episode 1! Listen below or your favorite app (direct links also included below).

Tracy Chang – 4:23
Nolan DeCoster – 25:24
Kate and Trevor Smith – 45:10

Host: Drew Katz
Co-Hosts: Dave Downing and Jesse Baerkahn
Music: Left for Deadish by Junior 85

Episode 1:


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