SZN1 EP2: Shirazi / Kanter

SZN1 EP2: Shirazi / Kanter

In episode 2 of The Graffito Podcast, we interview Josh Shirazi from Shirazi Distributing and Emily Kanter from Cambridge Naturals. First, Josh explains how his company went from one truck to 12,000SF of warehouse space, and he fills us in on how the collapse of the restaurant industry has impacted his business and the overall supply chain. Like most serious discussions with friends, the conversation digresses into less significant things like secondary market Slurpee machines. Fortunately, Emily restores some dignity to the podcast with a Cambridge Naturals history lesson, and explains why, despite an uptick in business during the early days of COVID, they shut their doors to regroup.

All of this and more on Episode 2! Listen below or your favorite app (direct links also included below).

Josh Shirazi – 4:42
Emily Kanter – 39:20

Oh, that show Drew recommended to Emily: The Dog House: UK

Host: Drew Katz
Co-Hosts: Jesse Baerkahn and Dave Downing
Music: Madness is Everywhere by Lobo Loco

Episode 2:


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