SZN1 EP3: Shore Gregory

SZN1 EP3: Shore Gregory

For this week’s episode of The Graffito Podcast, we interviewed our friend, Shore Gregory. If his iconic name doesn’t ring a bell, maybe you’ve heard of a little place called Island Creek Oyster Bar? Got your attention now? Shore is a Founder and Owner of this legendary restaurant with locations in Burlington and Kenmore (“as of right”) and Row 34 which is located in South Boston and Portsmouth. As you can imagine, he has a lot to say about the current state of the restaurant industry, and we did our best to squeeze out his deepest, innermost thoughts. He also revealed the history, status, and fate of his Kenmore location. All of this and more on Episode 3!!!

Host: Drew Katz
Co-Host: Jesse Baerkahn
Music: Illusion Music by Aden

Episode 3:


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