SZN1 EP5: Steve “Nookie” Postal

SZN1 EP5: Steve “Nookie” Postal

On this quick and spontaneous 5th episode of The Graffito Podcast, Chef Nookie joins Drew and Dave to discuss why his Kendall Square restaurant, Commonwealth, is now in hibernation mode. This growing trend, which is usually prevalent in seasonal locations, might just be the only way for his restaurant to survive the winter. Well, that and more government funding. Also on this episode, Nookie refuses to reveal the origin of his nickname, Drew hints at a pulled pork challenge, and Dave admits to watching Disney’s Frozen by himself, before he had children. Please send along questions to or tweet @graffitopodcast. Thanks for listening!

Host: Drew Katz
Co-Host: Dave Downing
Music: A Country Romance by Ahjay Stelino

Episode 5:


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