SZN1 EP7: Tom Schlesinger-Guidelli

SZN1 EP7: Tom Schlesinger-Guidelli

On last week’s episode, Alcove’s Tom Schlesinger-Guidelli made a surprise appearance to challenge Jesse about some of his comments on the Podcast. After the segment, we had an engaging conversation about a variety of important issues including restaurant worker wages, missteps during the BLM protests, “hospitality” during COVID, and his decision to close the restaurant on November 3rd so his team can vote. Fortunately, the microphones were on and the dialogue was recorded. We enjoyed the conversation so much that we decided to publish it as an entire episode so you can listen in. Please check it out and send along questions to or tweet @graffitopodcast. Thanks for listening!

Host: Drew Katz
Co-Host: Jesse Baerkahn
Music: Tripping by Joel Gion

Episode 7


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