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Notes From Sweden

Most of the news is dominated by extreme – and likely effective – measures in East Asia, but I’m not optimistic that the US will embrace similar strategies given American attitudes, behavior, infrastructure, city design, and political will. That said, Boston’s sensibilities and design are more reminiscent of places overseas than in other parts of the US.

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Restaurant Retrofits Week 3: Food Flashbacks

But here’s the question I’ve been wondering: How are today’s graduates going to spend the next few years and what will be their collective appetite (literally)? What does fast, cheap, and delicious comfort food look like in the post-COVID era? And maybe it’s worthwhile to take a moment to consider the past before rushing to make prophecies about the future…

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Open Space Relief

While normally not our primary preoccupation, the urban neighborhoods where Graffito has projects are proximate to some incredible parks. Typically, our focus is on the main streets and downtown business districts where people congregate around food, beverage, and entertainment. But during a pandemic, people #stayhome or safely seek fresh air. 

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