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Restaurant Retrofits Week 6: The Twofer, the Finish-at-Home Phenomenon, and the Aesthetic Refinement of Contactless Pickup

We’re at the point where the novelty of getting takeout has worn off, people are antsy to get outside, and everyone’s more than a little anxious about what the future holds. It’s also fair to say that when it comes to takeout, particularly from finer dining establishments, people are expecting more. It’s not always clear what more precisely, but more.

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Restaurant Retrofits Week 5: The Bagel Drop

The efforts of Bagelsaurus – whether intentionally or not – is cultivating even deeper brand loyalty. It’s probably stating the obvious here, but the net result of people who are buying gift cards and swag and who have put forth above average efforts in trying to support restaurants are going to come out of this extreme loyalists whether they realize it or not.

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Restaurant Retrofits Week 4: Curbside Questions

The question many want to know is what will be lasting impacts of the COVID-crisis for our public realm and design of ground floor spaces? How can the line between storefront and street be designed for both porosity and protection? And how will this be reconciled with the inevitable changes inside and around the building, with the public realm and streetscape?

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Restaurant Retrofits Week 3: Food Flashbacks

But here’s the question I’ve been wondering: How are today’s graduates going to spend the next few years and what will be their collective appetite (literally)? What does fast, cheap, and delicious comfort food look like in the post-COVID era? And maybe it’s worthwhile to take a moment to consider the past before rushing to make prophecies about the future…

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