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Local “Mini” Food Crawl In Lawrence

Last week, we took a day away from the office to explore downtown Lawrence, MA, and while we have embarked on longer annual food crawls in cities outside of New England in the past, it was fun to explore to a vibrant and diverse city closer to Boston, in an effort to expand our network of developers and community leaders who are transforming nearby neighborhoods. The food listed in Melissa and Noah’s itinerary was also a bonus!

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We are now into double digits on the number of food crawls we’ve done over the years, though as many of you know these trips have become about so much more than just eating and drinking. And Miami was no exception.

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Touring Nubian Markets

Today, we had lunch at Suya Joint Restaurant with our friends at Nubian Markets as they prepare to open a chef-driven grocer inclusive of a cafe, halal butchery, and community gathering space, celebrating the flavors of the African diaspora.

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Listen Plan Recruit Execute

Last week I presented at a community workshop re: the future of Union Square (Somerville, MA) and shared GSP’s perspective on certain retail & placemaking initiatives and related thoughts that will be at the heart of our work in the neighborhood over the next few years.

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