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Home: Boston

Reading this blog and the pages that follow may suggest that all we do at Graffito is travel. Well, that’s not the case. In fact, since 2015 when I moved back to Boston from NYC, we’ve increasingly focused our work on projects in Greater Boston. And as all of us continue to travel (for both […]

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Shay Takes Cape Town

For some time now, I have longed to visit a city that offers an organic blend of nature, urbanism, and diversity. I finally pulled the trigger this past year by booking a ticket to Cape Town, South Africa. Cape Town is geographically and culturally diverse with its 11 national languages, which represent its populations of […]

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Exploring. Newark.

I recently reconnected with an college buddy who I hadn’t seen in 10+ years until a few weeks ago.  He – David – works at Brick City Development Corp, which is Newark’s economic development arm (see: Given my work with GSP and his work at BCDC we had much to chat about and he invited […]

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In & Back Again (NYC > BOS > NYC)

Woke up this morning at 5:30am.  Train from Penn Station at 6:20am.  Got into Boston (late) at 10:40am for a 12:00pm pitch to an existing client with a big new project. Three hours later and I’m now back on the train headed home to NYC.  Not the way I usually roll but wife and I […]

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