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Home: Boston

Reading this blog and the pages that follow may suggest that all we do at Graffito is travel. Well, that’s not the case. In fact, since 2015 when I moved back to Boston from NYC, we’ve increasingly focused our work on projects in Greater Boston. And as all of us continue to travel (for both […]

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2013 Goodness

First of all, happy 2014.  I can say that since it’s still January, right? Last few months have been busy.  Really busy.  But we are working on some great projects and starting to feel out some new territory outside of Boston/Cambridge.  2014 will bring gigs in Somerville, NYC, Philly and Raleigh.  Yeah, Raleigh.  2014 is […]

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“urban cheerleader”

Last month I sat down with Paul McMorrow of CommonWealth Magazine to talk place-making, Kendall Square, Graffito SP, etc.  The article, the bulk of which is an edited transcript of our convo, ran in CommonWealth’s Fall 2013 issue.  Link below.  Here are a few of my favorite soundbites, which no doubt shed light on the […]

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