Author: Jesse Baerkahn

Exploring. With Fenway Friends.

GSP just started a new project with the fine folks at Samuels & Associates, who are doing some exciting and transformative stuff in Boston’s Fenway neighborhood (see: On one of our first days together I took the team over to a few of my favorite Cambridge and Somerville neighborhoods to do some exploring.  Simple goal being […]

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In & Back Again (NYC > BOS > NYC)

Woke up this morning at 5:30am.  Train from Penn Station at 6:20am.  Got into Boston (late) at 10:40am for a 12:00pm pitch to an existing client with a big new project. Three hours later and I’m now back on the train headed home to NYC.  Not the way I usually roll but wife and I […]

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GSP Roots

As follows is my final blog post on the CityRetail website/blog, which I posted a few weeks ago .  It gives some very important background re: GSP’s roots and our team’s role in the development and leasing of the ground floor in and around Kendall Square, Cambridge, MA.  Of course moving forward we’ll carry on […]

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“Graffito SP” – Going For It

Names are important.  Really important.  Our names say something about who we are, where we are from, our family roots, etc.  Names are stories in and of themselves. Business names too.  And Graffito SP has a story to it. Let’s start with the easy part; SP stands for Special Projects. I started Graffito to work on […]

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