Author: Jesse Baerkahn


Towards the end of 2023 our dear friend and former GSP teammate Corey Zehngebot came by the office for lunch. It got me thinking about something Corey said often, which has stuck with me and become part of my own lexicon: “information wants to be freed.” Corey always asserted (and practiced) that hoarding knowledge and […]

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We are now into double digits on the number of food crawls we’ve done over the years, though as many of you know these trips have become about so much more than just eating and drinking. And Miami was no exception.

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Update #19: Urgency Examined

My major takeaway of 2021 is that the sense of urgency — the faster is better approach — that is embedded in much of our work is a major problem; and often a massive miss. It spurs project outcomes that are less thoughtful, calculated, and creative. Further, urgency in professional settings, especially at real estate firms, may result in processes that leave critical stakeholders behind, fuel flawed internal decision making, and perpetuate certain aspects of institutional racism in the staffing, permitting, underwriting, design, and marketing of projects.

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Lots I could write this morning about this study, our work with Wexford, Philadelphia, and what it was like to be out in the world again (this is my first work trip out of Boston since Feb 2020). But instead I’m going to write about the to-go cocktail I was given by the team at Cheu in Fishtown last night.

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