GSP + DCRE Conference

GSP + DCRE Conference

Tania and Melissa had an opportunity to attend the Diversity in Commercial Real Estate Conference on July, 29th powered by the Avant-Garde Network in NYC. This was the largest conference of its kind with over 500+ attendees.

Here is what they had to say…

It was truly inspiring to see so many diverse commercial real estate professionals and entrepreneurs in one location. This makes us even more excited to continue shaping the Greater Boston community and growing the Graffito Network.

Key Takeaways:

  • There are industry professionals in our backyard that we have not connected with. The conference was a vibrant platform and reminder to reconnect and engage.
  • The importance of paying it forward and continuing to open doors for future generations to consider a role in commercial real estate. We all have to do our part in making the industry a more inclusive place where all are welcomed.
  • Prior careers in a range of fields is often beneficial in commercial real estate, helping industry professionals pull from real world experiences and anticipate client needs

Thanks to all of the organizers and speakers!

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