In & Back Again (NYC > BOS > NYC)

In & Back Again (NYC > BOS > NYC)

Woke up this morning at 5:30am.  Train from Penn Station at 6:20am.  Got into Boston (late) at 10:40am for a 12:00pm pitch to an existing client with a big new project. Three hours later and I’m now back on the train headed home to NYC.  Not the way I usually roll but wife and I are moving to Brooklyn tomorrow (more details on that in a later post – Brooklyn move is actually very relevant to GSP future work) and I couldn’t afford more than a day away this week… Ok, back to the point:

Part of the excitement of launching GSP is reintroducing our business, values, history, approach and ideology to folks we already know.  That’s what today was about.  In many ways this is more challenging than starting from scratch.  It’s a lot of fun though.  And the reception from the group we met with today was great, which is a very positive sign for things to come.

Below is one of the slides I used in our little pitch earlier.  It illustrates GSP’s core business, which is in red.  Unlike with CityRetail (and almost all other retail brokers), GSP’s point of entry into projects is first as an advisor as opposed to a leasing rep.  Retail brokers traditionally take on a gig when there is space to lease and pull out when a letter of intent is signed.  We don’t want to do this.  We can do a far better job for our clients (and the n’hoods in which we work) entering projects earlier and staying in them longer.  We’ve done this work previously for clients like MIT Investment Management Co, Principal Global Investors and Forest City. And the model is the right one… for us… and for our clients.

One Slide - GSP Core Biz vs Prior Model

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