Iron Works: Two Retail/Flex Opportunities Left

Iron Works: Two Retail/Flex Opportunities Left

Located at the cross-roads of South Boston’s residential and industrial zones on Old Colony Ave, Iron Works benefits from an existing and evolving neighborhood with pride, grit and vibrancy. The opportunity awaits!

    • 5 minute walk to Broadway MBTA station
    • 100+ retail parking spaces
    • New storefronts & wayfinding
    • 5,200 SF second-floor retail/creative space
    • 3,000 SF over two levels

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  • mplo

    It would be really, really great if there were not only more artists/craftspeoples’ living and working spaces at affordable prices, but movie theatres that played various types of movies ranging from independent films, classic films, and other films, instead of just the schlockier films that are played on the multiplex movie theatres that dot our highways and byways.

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