Small Business Tool Kit Gets A New Home

Small Business Tool Kit Gets A New Home

Hello friends!

Last year we completed a printed version of our Tenant Road Map To Retail Leasing, a 60-page guide that was created to help landlords and tenants come to transactions better prepared for long term success. We’ve created this manual using our team’s 15+ years of experience in leasing, advising, economic development, and developing retail real estate in Greater Boston and beyond. From selecting a space and design team to working with landlords and brokers, our tool kit will guide you along the way. Our team has already had several successful workshops in 2023 that centered around this guide and we look forward to continuing this work in 2024.

Today, we’re very excited to announce the official launch of a stand alone website serving as an online version of the Small Business Tool Kit. It can be found by clicking the Small Biz Tool Kit link in the header of our site or going directly to it with this link:

Please check it out and be sure to leave us any feedback that will help us improve our efforts to further lower the barriers of entry for small local owner-operated business seeking to lease commercial real estate in mixed use projects. Email me directly at with your thoughts, whether they are content or design based. Your help is greatly appreciated…


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