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A Poker Lesson

I just finished reading The Biggest Bluff by Psychologist (and poker player) Maria Konnikova, which explores the relationship between skill and luck in poker; but really is about decision making and human behavior generally.

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Update #14: It May Not Be Pretty

Every call or video chat we have these days, regardless of agenda, starts with a question directed at us that is something similar to: “So, before we jump in, what are you all seeing out there?” While the conversations that follow are never identical, our response these days typically convey the following…

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Shopping for the Suburban Migration

I think it’s safe to assume the residential real estate market will continue to build the pent-up demand of buyers looking to relocate and invest in their homes for the remainder of 2020, and into 2021.  With this reshuffling, the millennial migration to the suburbs to have more space as their families expand will drive retailers to follow, especially with more and more people working from home at least a couple days during the week.

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Update #13: So, Now What?

I invite you to provide feedback to us on what more we can do to reinvent Graffito as a more actively anti-racist organization, where we are missing the mark, if you want to join us in any of this, how we can share best practices, and how we can hold each other accountable in our respective pursuits to make better, more inclusive, more diverse, more equitable, and more valuable urban places.

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Update #12: Another Pivot

At Graffito, we will not be bystanders anymore. We will reinvent ourselves as related to anti-racism, equity, and inclusion. And of all the “pivots” I’ve been writing about in these updates the past few months, this will be the most important one for us.

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