To Open Or CLose

To Open Or CLose

This just in earlier this morning from East Cambridge Business Association. At around the same time the Mayor of Cambridge called for closing of all restaurants, bars and non-essential business in Cambridge. Cambridge, MA is leading on this. We expect a formal order from the City Manager in the coming hours… And many more municipalities to come.


From: Jason Alves
Subject: To open or close?
Date: March 15, 2020 at 10:04:55 AM EDT

Hi All,

Many of you are searching for an answer right now, on whether to stay open or to close.

Without definitive direction from state or local government on this, the decision is extra hard.

We understand the impacts so we don’t say this lightly, but at this point if anyone is looking for our guidance, we can’t in good conscious recommend you to remain open.

Atwood’s, Puritan, Highland Fried, Trina’s, City Girl, Inman Oasis, Fit Lab have made the call to close, with many more about to announce. Their statements on social media say it all.

Central Square is going to be making the same recommendation to their members as they see their membership making the same decision in the interest of public safety.

This is a public health crisis and based on survey results sales are most likely not sustainable. Its best to temporarily, close, perhaps maintain your take out operations if you can do so safely.

If this is an overreaction, then we are in better shape. If its not, the impacts are going to be longer lasting and we will be worse off. We continue to await further guidance from city or state.

At this moment we understand a similar recommendation is forthcoming from city officials

Jason Alves
Executive Director
East Cambridge Business Association
Office: (857)-242-6651


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