Jesse’s Introduction on Remote Year

Jesse’s Introduction on Remote Year

It was August of last year when Erin introduced me to Remote Year.  More accurately, it was then that she pitched me that she wanted to do it… and that she would work full-time for Graffito for all of 2017 from 12 different cities across the globe.  While in the moment I told her to let me think about (but hinted we’d figure it out) I knew immediately that this was something she should do; something that we should do. 

First, Erin’s enthusiasm, excitement, and thoughtfulness that went into the request (and her bravery in coming to me with it) was contagious.  I’ve always felt that what makes our team unique and valuable is our collective curiosity, commitment to experimenting, and desire to learn.  So despite the physical disconnect of Erin working remote for the year, there is a strong ideological, intellectual and cultural connection back to who we are at Graffito.  

Second, we have a lot to learn from Mexico City, Bogotá, Medellín, Lima, Córdoba, Buenos Aires, Prague, Belgrade, Valencia, Kuala Lumpur, Chiang Mai, and Phnom Penh!  A lot to learn about retail real estate, community economic development, urban planning, arts + entertainment, and place-making… And for 2017 Erin is going to be our guide!  

Each month for the duration of 2017 Erin and I will share some thoughts with you through this blog and a regular newsletter that will go out via email.  Its been almost two years since my last blog post and this is such an exciting time to be picking it back up.  We have much to share about Graffito, the evolution of the business, our specific work — both challenges and successes, and of course our collective (international and domestic) travels and explorations.  

– Jesse

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