Looking Back, Looking Forward

Looking Back, Looking Forward

One year.

I would not have predicted this is where the country would be one year later. But given the uptick in vaccinations in combination with a preview of some warmer weather, there have been many articles discussing return to work plans.

At Graffito, we’re still figuring things out, on an individual basis and as a team. There’s some degree of internal variation on comfort level with returning to the office. Jesse has come in at least once a week for months to pick up the mail and check in on the office; Drew converted the office to a podcast studio (see update about upcoming second season of the Graffito Podcast); and Dave and Angela have started coming in periodically for a change of scenery and because we’ve started to see an uptick in leasing activity.

I think the last time I was in the office was October 2020. This is less of a function of not feeling comfortable (there’s ample space to physically distance, and it’s easy to coordinate with my comparatively small number of colleagues), and more a function of cold weather, convenience and having two small children.

I’m not writing today to make predictions or offer up plans, but more just to take a moment to mark the passage of one year’s time. I am grateful to my Graffito colleagues for their good humor, resilience, and understanding during this year of remote work.

It’s been a long winter, but hope springs eternal. Looking forward to seeing everyone on the other side.

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