The Graffito Podcast + International Women’s Day

The Graffito Podcast + International Women’s Day

It feels like ages ago when we wrapped up Season 1 of The Graffito Podcast. It was a fun experiment where I hoped to answer several questions, like, can I actually host a podcast where I conduct interviews and not make an ass of myself? Can the Graffito team work the production of a podcast into our already busy schedules? Can we get great guests that will be open and honest and tell us more about the inner-workings of their businesses? And, perhaps most importantly, will people listen? The answers to those questions are barely, barely, Yes and Yes. So, overall I’d call it a success.

It’s extremely flattering when people ask us when the podcast is coming back, and today we have some exciting news…

Not only are we going to begin recording and releasing new episodes in early April, but to honor International Women’s Day (which is today!!!), we’re also excited to announce that Season 2 will have a diverse, all-female guest list consisting of political activists, government officials, and entrepreneurs. We’re still working out the final schedule, but trust me when I tell you that the list is incredible, and we’ll be covering all sorts of topics ranging from “the future of commercial business districts” to “art as a tool for community engagement.”

Stay tuned for more details…Follow @graffitopodcast on Twitter for live updates.

And Happy International Women’s Day! My wife and I are celebrating by participating in Let’s Talk Womxn’s dinner and conversation, a multi-restaurant women-led takeout dinner and moderated conversation. How are you celebrating??

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