GID Collaborates With MRU On A Brand Refresh

GID Collaborates With MRU On A Brand Refresh

Brooke and I had the pleasure of working with the board members of MassachusettsRestaurant United (MRU) on a brand refresh for the organization. For those that don’t know, MRU is a group of restaurant industry professionals that make up beloved local date night destinations, cafes, lunch spots, and everything in between in the state of Massachusetts. As COVID-19 began affecting the state, Mass Restaurants United formed as a coalition of more than 800 independent restaurant owners and operators fighting to keep their lights on to continue serving food for all its loyal guests. They served as a much needed, unified voice that made an impact by working with state legislators, state, and local officials to secure support for struggling restaurants.

Their accomplishments over the last year include:

  • changes in law to allow restaurants to sell mixed drinks,
  • unprecedented caps on the food delivery fees,
  • and the creation of a Distressed Restaurant Fund and other grant programs.

As an organization established during the pandemic to advocate for small independent restaurants, they found themselves evolving into their next steps of leadership. With this shift in focus, they were eager for a refreshed, more vibrant look. As Jody Adams, Founding Member of the MRU, stated in a recent newsletter, “…In the Spring, we asked Drew Katz at Graffito if he knew of a young, hungry designer who would be interested in working with us to explore changing the logo. He, along with Brooke Porter, very generously asked if they could take on the project themselves. The original logo of a raised fork-holding first, although powerful and appropriate in COVID crisis time, could be perceived as combative. As we move forward, we felt an image that is more welcoming and inclusive is important. We went through several months of the design process and considered multiple iconographic possibilities, ultimately landing back to a new version of the hand and fork.”

Thank you MRU for all of your hard work, and thank you for the opportunity to help provide a fresh, new look for your organization.

Check out some of the final results below!



Primary Logo



Secondary Logo (Horizontal Use)



Social + Badges


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