Resources + Thoughts To Support Retail Biz || COVID-19

Resources + Thoughts To Support Retail Biz || COVID-19

Time is of the essence here and things are changing rapidly, so we are pushing out a webpage to share what we are seeing and hearing from our retail and restaurant communities. While we are very concerned that our community is not yet grasping the gravity of this public health crisis and the related economic fallout, we are wildly optimistic that sharing information, best practice and resources that touch our world (retail, restaurants, real estate and arts) will be helpful in the weeks ahead. So this is the purpose of this new GSP specific web page.

We will do our best to be clear and honest, which means, at times, sharing the news we are getting in real-time that is not yet apparent to most of you. For example, we expect the vast majority of restaurants in Boston be closed for business by this time Monday. The impact in our communities and on our businesses will be profound, but we look forward to talking about solutions in the days and weeks to come.

As a matter of practice, we will not flood your inboxes with emails when new posts and info goes live, but we will do our best to keep this page updated, relevant and forthcoming. And as you dive in a good place to start is the email I wrote to our clients just yesterday morning, which even today feels a bit outdated.

Thanks for being part of our little community here at Graffito. We value you deeply and remain committed to finding new ways to work together in the complicated days ahead.

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