Retail Trends + Considerations: Part Four

Retail Trends + Considerations: Part Four


General approach of landlords and developers pre-COVID was to consider urban context and streetscape to promote public realm and pedestrian traffic and attract authentic and local retailers to the ground floor. For Tenants pre-COVID, the desire to plant their brand flag in dense urban locations and be a part of mixed-use projects was at the top of the list. Today and beyond, Landlords consider their projects’ perimeters slightly differently and address patio/outdoor space as part of retail, as well as curbs to accommodate for delivery and pick-up access. Their search for ideal Tenants of their projects also includes DEI initiatives to welcome and attract the broader community. For Tenants, the return to the City and workplace is uncertain and areas that were previously in high demand (CBD, Seaport, Back Bay) have fallen off for the time being and submarkets with higher residential density – in the City or outside of it – are of more interest.

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