Shay Takes Cape Town

Shay Takes Cape Town

For some time now, I have longed to visit a city that offers an organic blend of nature, urbanism, and diversity. I finally pulled the trigger this past year by booking a ticket to Cape Town, South Africa. Cape Town is geographically and culturally diverse with its 11 national languages, which represent its populations of indigenous Africans, English, Indians, Dutch and German descendants. The city has a collection of unique markets, chic commercial centers, and Instagramable surroundings. Think of Cape Town like an amphitheater bordered by breathtaking mountains that include: Table Mountain, Lions Head & Signal Hill. In the heart of the “theatre” lies the harbor, the Company Gardens and a bunch of mixed-used developments. Whether you live in the colorful neighborhood Bo Kaap, with its rich Malaysian culture or Tamboerskloof, a historically German neighborhood which is a quick walk to Kloof Street also known as “restaurant mile,” you’re never far from views of the mountains and vegetation that are seamlessly sewn into the identity of Cape Town.

After spending a few days exploring and taking in Cape Town’s beaches, mountains & historical attractions, I couldn’t resist the temptation of finding a fitness studio that would satisfy all of my health & wellness needs. Happily enough, I didn’t have to walk too far from my Airbnb which was located in Tamboerskloof, Cape Town’s one, and only health and wellness shopping center; Lifestyle on Kloof. This was a dream come true! You walk in and you are immediately welcomed with a ginger shot. As you enter the center, you find the Wellness Warehouse, which is an organic grocery store with a pharmacy that provides traditional South African medicines. After visiting the Wellness Warehouse I decided to check out the art gallery, get an organic facial and jump into a hot yoga class. You might be saying to yourself, you’re in South Africa why not check out some wildlife?

However, it is safe to say that in the past couple of years, health and wellness has evolved from a niche lifestyle into a mainstream movement. People are finding it more important to build healthier habits and be more mindful of the environmental and health effects on the products they consume and use. What I found was interesting was that I didn’t have to travel all across the city to do these things. Just a few stairs and bang, I’m grabbing groceries, checking out some art, getting a facial and squeezing in a yoga class! – It doesn’t get better than that.

Convenience is always important and something we think about when it comes to our retail leasing strategies here at Graffito, specifically when it comes to strategizing fresh and exciting merchandising plans for our clients. The city of Cape Town will always be a special place for me, with its rich history, natural beauty, and diverse culture.

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