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Home: Boston

Reading this blog and the pages that follow may suggest that all we do at Graffito is travel. Well, that’s not the case. In fact, since 2015 when I moved back to Boston from NYC, we’ve increasingly focused our work on projects in Greater Boston. And as all of us continue to travel (for both work and personal), we continue to realize how damn lucky we are to be living and working in Boston/Cambridge.

Having our roots in Kendall Square has opened a lot of doors for us outside of Greater Boston; and everywhere we go we hear from universities, developers, investors and city governments that they want to create places more like Boston/Cambridge. They want their own Kendall Square; or Harvard Square; or Greenway; or Central Square; or Fenway; or Seaport. But what we have here is not really replicable. Just think about this: Cambridge is a city of 100,000 ppl and within it sits MIT and Harvard. That’s nuts.  And across the river you have Mass General, Children’s Hospital, Dana Farber, Beth Israel, Brigham and Women’s, etc etc. Oh, and there’s also BU, BC, Northeastern, Tufts, Berklee, Lesley, Suffolk, Emerson… All connected by rail. All within a bike ride from each other… Yeah. Amazing.

But despite all these assets in our backyard, travel outside of Boston is wildly important to our work. Through it, we obtain inspiration and education that informs what we do here and forces us to look at our city from the outside. And while there’s a lot of goodness here, there’s a lot that we can do better. A lot.

So we’ll be keeping our heads up in 2019, traveling some more, and hopefully do even better work in 2019 because of it. And while we are at it we’ll be blogging more too. So please keep reading… and don’t be shy with travel recs:

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