The Restaurant Community Needs Our Help!

The Restaurant Community Needs Our Help!

Please consider donating to the Restaurant Strong Fund ( the “RSF”) co-sponsored by the Greg Hill Foundation and Samuel Adams, with support from local restaurateurs. The RSF will issue $1,000 grants to support full-time restaurant workers in Massachusetts who are dependent on wages plus tips to cover basic living expenses and provide for their families. At the time of this post, the RSF has raised almost $350,000 with commitment from Samuel Adams to match another $100,000 in contributions.

The restaurant community plays an incredibly important role in our daily lives. Many of our most extraordinary moments are shared with friends and family at restaurants we love. Whether a graduation, a wedding, a birthday or bar mitzvah – the restaurant industry takes care of us. They sponsor our kid’s soccer teams, support the local YMCA and give countless hours of their time and donations to charities across Massachusetts. The restaurateurs and teams they assemble are exceptional people with a passion for their craft. They go to work every day because they love feeding people and supporting their communities. It’s our chance to return the favor and donate to help support the restaurant industry in this very uncertain time.


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