ATTN: Restaurant Owners (Signatures Needed)

ATTN: Restaurant Owners (Signatures Needed)

This just in from Tony Maws.  His note says it all. His email is below and the letter is below, which you can scroll through or download here.


Hello there,

I hope you and your families are well.

I’m reaching out to you because you know restaurant owners. Ken Oringer, Jamie Bissonnette, Jody Adams, Jon Mendez, Michael Leviton and I are working to collect as many names to add to a letter to Governor Baker as possible. Any and all restaurant owners and operators – cafés, pizza joints, burrito places, fancy-pants restaurants… everyone. We need the Governor and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to fully grasp the magnitude of the crisis restaurants are facing now, and will have to face when this madness subsides. Lots of people are clamoring for dollars, and we feel that the small, independent restaurant community needs to be heard LOUDLY.  Our volume will be heard with signatures (for now).

Please forward the attached letter to any owner and operator you know.  If they would like to add their signature then have them email BOTH myself and Jon Mendez cc’d here

Thank you for your help.

All best,
Tony Maws
Craigie on Main

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