Touring Nubian Markets

Touring Nubian Markets

Today, we had lunch at Suya Joint Restaurant with our friends at Nubian Markets as they prepare to open a chef-driven grocer inclusive of a cafe, halal butchery, and community gathering space, celebrating the flavors of the African diaspora.

At their core, the Team at Nubian Markets is redefining what equity means and raising the standards for what communities of color should expect in their local grocery stores. By putting farmers, small black and brown businesses first, and incorporating local residents into their development process Nubian Market is creating long term economic independence for resilient communities.

We were also lucky to get a tour of their new space, and although the Graffito team took turns guessing when Nubian Markets will open, it is actually scheduled to open in Q1 of 2023 @ 2565 Washington St, Roxbury, MA. Can’t wait to shop there!

Here are some pics from our outing…

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