Traveling and exploring is important to our work at Graffito. All of us thrive on it; and I know each person on the Graffito team has missed it dearly these past few years. Getting back out there this year for our 10th annual food crawl was a priority. Our last one was in Toronto in 2019, and came right before Angela, Drew and Brooke joined the team. Melissa and Tania were hired thereafter, so for 5 of us this year was the first ever GSP food crawl. Three of us are quite experienced at this though… Dave and Gustavo will agree, we ate a bit less this year than usual; walked a few less miles; the food in Atlanta wasn’t quite as good as what we’ve snacked on in NYC, DC, Philly, Lisbon, Chicago, and Toronto; but the company was superlative; the coffee was top notch; cocktails too; the hotel was perfect; the Beltline inspirational; the weather was A+; and the pictures have never, ever, been so good — thanks DK!

So here’s a peak at our 36 hours together in ATL:

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