Will Gilson: Puritan & Company

Will Gilson: Puritan & Company

This just in from Will Gilson of Puritan, who remains a leader in the local restaurant scene (For this action / communication today; but also similar leadership in past).  Expect lots more of this in hours and days to come.



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Dear friends and family of Puritan & Company, Today, we made the hardest decision we have ever had to make as a team. As the concerns over COVID-19 increase and the data begins to show what needs to happen to get this under control, we have decided to close temporarily. The safety of our staff, our business and especially you, our guests, is what’s most important right now. We want to give our team the necessary time to prepare for the road ahead, and the best and most fair thing that we can do is make sure that safety and stability are our number 1 concern. In addition, it is important for us to know that every employee who works for us has a job to come back to. Since we opened our doors, Puritan and Company has survived countless blizzards, the unique challenges of running a restaurant, and even a citywide man hunt after the marathon bombing. In each of those cases, none of our staff or guests were ever at risk of harm like we are now. This is different and this is real. All of us are being asked to put the health and safety of our community first and that is by ensuring we are making our neighbors and our friends a priority over ourselves right now. We will get through this together, as long as we put the good of society before the good of ourselves. It is a time to be selfless and not selfish and this is what we are attempting to do with this decision. While it goes against our entire core goals of feeding you and caring for you, this is the only way to ensure that when this all goes back to normal we will have a place for our staff to return, as well as a restaurant to serve you. We will be here for you with smiles on our faces, food on the stove, and drinks in your glasses. In the meantime, if you would like to support our team, you can buy a gift card on our website so we can celebrate the end of this together We’re all in this together. One team. One industry. One community. We cannot thank you enough for your understanding, support and love during these uncertain times. Stay safe and protect what you love, that’s what we know we need to do. Sincerely, Will Gilson and the entire Puritan & Company team

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