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Update #8: Now What?

Any “reopening” of our gathering spaces and retail establishments will be only a partial return to what things looked like pre-coronavirus. But despite this, our spirits are high here at Graffito, because it does feel that we are collectively entering a new phase in responding to this crisis: shifting from panic and shock to problem solving and opportunity assessment.

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Restaurant Retrofits Week 3: Food Flashbacks

But here’s the question I’ve been wondering: How are today’s graduates going to spend the next few years and what will be their collective appetite (literally)? What does fast, cheap, and delicious comfort food look like in the post-COVID era? And maybe it’s worthwhile to take a moment to consider the past before rushing to make prophecies about the future…

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A Main Street Resurgence?

We have, and always will, fly the local-first piece proudly in our messaging. Because it is core to our approach, our world-view, and the way we understand value creation in the urban mixed-use context. Today, with COVID-19 related considerations dominating our conversations, decision making, and daily life, we are thinking a lot about how localism will play out in the months and years ahead.

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