Don’t Step On The Lava

Don’t Step On The Lava

This weekend Revival Cafe (re)opened in Davis Square, Somerville. I know a bit about Revival, as it’s co-owned by my sister, Liza (formerly of Crema Cafe in Harvard Sq), and my good friend / FOG, Chef Nookie Postal (also of Commonwealth over in Kendall Sq). There is so much I could write here about Revival (and Liza)(and Nookie), but for now I just want to callout they way in which they repurposed and beautified their patio for pick-up and proper queueing with the help of their favorite local muralist, Chloe Rubenstein. Pics below.

The use of public art here is wonderful, makes people smile, and is important for so many reasons. I am really excited to see what this summer brings as other small business owners deploy ground murals and environmental graphics to help customers maintain spacial distance, create a sense of play, and brighten our neighborhoods, sidewalks and storefronts.

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