Droning On And On

Droning On And On

I’ve been taking advantage of some downtime to take out the drone and photograph some of GSP’s past, present, and future projects. The calmness of the city has allowed me to capture important visual assets, which as a designer, has also led to some new explorations for how we feature properties in our marketing decks. Using drone photography is nothing new, but being in control of the photography for our own design purposes has opened up a lot of possibilities.

I’m also learning a lot. I’ve been flying drones recreationally for a few years, but now working as a commercial remote pilot (sounds so fancy, but all that means is that I passed a knowledge test that enables me to sell our services), I have so many more considerations when flying. For example, where is a safe place to launch the drone? Are there going to be pedestrians under my flight path? Where will the sun be during the shoot? Is it better to be photographing in the morning or afternoon, and what time? What’s the legal altitude limit in the area where I’ll be shooting? Boston is a tricky place to fly, and each time before I go up I need to receive permission from the FAA. That has not always been easy.

Here are some pics from recent weeks, and a video I put together for fun. Hope you like them and enjoy the fresh perspective. Follow us on Instagram for more to come!

My newly obtained remote pilot license (received it in the mail last week!) making it very official to be flying around Boston.
Cambridge Discovery Park
Capturing the corner entrance of Cambridge Discovery Park from the Alewife Brooke Reservation
Cambridge Discovery Park and Route 2, view towards the city
125 Lincoln in the Leather District (and our across-the-street neighbors)
Elan Union Market, Watertown
Elan Union Market, Watertown, looking up Arsenal Street with view of the city
Available retail space at Elan Union Market, Watertown. Let us know if you're interested!
Trio Newton, view towards the city showing proximity to Newtonville shopping
Trio Newton, showing proximity to Newtonville shopping and Newton North High
Quincy Masonic Temple and surroundings
Commonwealth Building, Quincy, MA
Quincy Medical Center

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