GSP: Sane & Positive (Mostly)

GSP: Sane & Positive (Mostly)

Dear Friends & Colleagues,

We have been busy over here, which is helping us stay sane and positive. Drew got to fly the new GSP drone around Cambridge Wednesday, and he also took some pretty amazing pictures of a silent Downtown Boston. Gustavo has been taking our advocacy and communications work to the next level, working with CommonWealth Kitchen to outline a powerful set of policy recommendations to support small businesses. Brooke is working on the new Graffito ID website. Corey just finished a client deliverable detailing activation tactics for a 27-acre site, which have changed immensely in the past two weeks given the way we anticipate gathering and engaging in public space in the months ahead. Dave worked with Cambridge Naturals on a perspective piece for the blog, which details the surge in business they have experienced of late and the way their business is being re-thought in real-time. Angela has been working with the GID team to update all of our leasing brochures, which, yes, one day very soon we will need again. Jesse is happy to be rediscovering his legal skills, deep in the weeds talking with clients and collaborators about issues such as force majeure, business interruption insurance, and the doctrine of impossibility.

At the same time as all of this, each of us have all been balancing ordinary work (and thankful to have it) with family (even more thankful to have it) obligations. And as promised, we are hustling really hard to keep our blog relevant, updated, and valuable. Please take a look around and email us if you have questions or feedback. We look forward to hearing from you!

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