Out And About In A Quiet City

Out And About In A Quiet City

Our team is working remotely, in our homes, away from people and places so our city can become healthy again. And if anyone doesn’t understand why we are doing this, refer to this amazing simulation by the Washington Post. I’ve sent it to probably a dozen people in doubt, and it seems to clear things up. From there, it’s up to them to decide if they’re going to help or not.

So, now on board with the whole staying at home thing, you might ask, “Why the F*%K are you out and about?!?” Good question, and I’m not sure my answer is all that great. You could argue that what I was doing wasn’t necessary. But, the reality is that work must go on. Part of my job is to document client sites, and also our city, for Graffito deliverables and also as needed for our clients. I had scheduled three time slots with the FAA to shoot with my drone around Cambridge today, and I figured I could keep up with my obligations while avoiding humans, touch any surfaces, etc…Mission accomplished. While on my way to pick up the drone at GSP HQ, I took a walk around the downtown area with my camera and found the area shockingly mellow, especially for rush hour. It was like being on a movie set, I think. I’ve never been on a movie set. But I imagine that’s what it would be like, long after the last take.

I thought I should share these pictures for a few reasons. First, I think they are interesting. Places that are sparsely populated, that are normally packed with people, is a strange thing to behold. Second, I wanted to show you something that you might never see again in your lifetime. Hopefully we learn from this crisis, and we figure out how to avoid these scenarios in the future. I mean, someone’s got to be paying attention, right? Finally, these photographs prove that Boston can and will get through this. Sad, yes. But dispersing is necessary and it’s proof that we are listening to our local agencies and scientists who are trying to fix our country. Thank you and enjoy. – Drew

Dewey Square, 8:12am. I pass this every morning on my normal commute and it's generally packed with people and food trucks starting around 7:30am.
Chinatown, 8:21am. A masked observer on Beach Street.
Chinatown, 8:23. Usually, this time in the morning, commuters are passing through, and locals are getting breakfast. On any given day, there are numerous delivery trucks loading up the shops.
Chinatown, 8:24am. A reverse angle of Beach Street.
Downtown Crossing MBTA (Chauncy Street), 8:30am. By now, you would expect people flowing out from the station.
Downtown Crossing MBTA, 8:31am. Turnstyles aren't seeing much action this morning.
Downtown Crossing MBTA, 8:32am. I only passed two people while passing through, they were cleaners.
Downtown Crossing, 8:34am. Sunny, 45 degrees.
Do not reproduce without written consent from Creative Katz
Boston Common, 8:38am. Park Street MBTA entrance.
Boston Common, 8:39am.
Downtown Crossing, 8:43am. Another shot, this time looking back up Summer Street.
Harvard Yard, 9:55am. No students...
Harvard Square, 9:54am. Usually a gathering/meeting place, this morning only a few people passed through this area while I was observing from above. Many of them construction workers.
Cambridge Common, 9:50am. Prime outdoor time, the playground at Cambridge Common is empty.
Do not reproduce without written consent from Creative Katz
South Station Entrance, 8:52am. Peeking in to see if there were any people.
Summer Street, 8:49am. In front of Tatte, which alone draws large crowds during rush hour(s). During the Spring and Summer, people flood this area for breaks. Hoping we are well enough for this to happen in 2020.
Downtown, 8:43am. If you know this intersection, where Summer and Lincoln intersect, you know that it's deadly. The lights are confusing and drivers come racing through (I might be guilty of this on occasion). A much different scene this morning.
Harvard Yard, Widener Library, 9:56am. No students...
Brattle Square, 9:58am. Shops are closed, only a few pedestrians.
Kendall Square, 11:43am. Normally flooded with pedestrians getting on or off the T, pretty much only construction workers today.

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