Podcast Topic: Food & Beverage

SZN1 EP7: Tom Schlesinger-Guidelli

On last week’s episode, Alcove’s Tom Schlesinger-Guidelli made a surprise appearance on The Graffito Podcast. After the segment, we had an engaging conversation about a variety of important issues and fortunately, the microphones were on and the dialogue was recorded. We enjoyed the conversation so much that we decided to publish it as an entire episode so you can listen in.

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SZN1 EP6: Ayr Muir

Ayr Muir, CEO and Founder of Clover Food Lab, joins The Graffito Podcast to discuss real estate, technology, and a few new offerings available to Clover customers. Also on this episode, Drew invited a very special “surprise” guest that wanted to confront Jesse about a few questionable statements he made during our talk with Shore Gregory.

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