GSP 9th Annual Food Crawl

GSP 9th Annual Food Crawl

About a week or so ago, Graffito embarked on its 9th annual “food crawl.” A few things to note…First, it’s the largest team for the food crawl in Graffito history, which is exciting and making us all feel very fortunate. Second, this is the least we’ve had to travel for the crawl (you know, because of COVID), but that means we had an opportunity to explore our own incredibly complex and beautiful city. During our 10 mile walk, Corey gave insights on the history of the many neighborhoods and buildings we encountered, Gustavo toured us through projects and sites from the past and in the works, Angela shared her perspective on the changing retail landscape, Brooke pointed out architectural details most of us don’t notice, Jesse made sure our hands were “spritzed” often, and Dave made sure we laughed hard and had ice cream. As for me, I searched for the elusive 7-11 Coke Slurpee and took photos! Enjoy…

Our ~10 mile path, give or take a few turns...
Mornings start with Gracenote, regardless of the agenda
Going over the agenda
Comparing kicks, and questioning some decisions
Temperature checks
Wishing this place was open, food halls make food crawls easier
Corey delivering the goods from Kane's
Getting a spritz from Jesse's fancy hand sanitizer
Walking through Faneuil Hall
Strange to be some of the only people at Quincy Market
Talkin' retail probably
Dave's fanny pack #A4CADE
More snacks at Boston Public market
Brooke enjoying a beverage
Checking out the progress at city hall
Corey's class (I aced the test)
Walking by the State Capital
GSP Crew, don't mess.
Dave realizing white was a bad choice for face mask
Walking by and seeing our logo
Gustavo giving us the lay of the land
Checking out Tropical Foods (mostly to see the wall of hot sauce)
Quick visit to Shirazi Distributing with a tour by Josh Shirazi

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